Patrico to Ferentillo

Rocky roads some of the way

Day one of walking

Patrico to Ferentillo

15 kms

As I write this tonight after our first day of walking I am thinking about my expectations of a walk like this and what you, the reader is thinking and wanting to know!

It was an adventure and as we move on there will be more.

The first day is always the hardest as there is so much of the unknown, even if you have walked before on these sorts of trips.

The weather was kind to us – a warm 26º and clear blue sky.

We bought a baguette with prosciutto and pecorino cheese at the local deli in Spoleto. The shop keeper prepared it for us – We also bought an apple and clementine.

Delicious to look forward to

Our backpacks filled with water bottles were really all we need for this walk.

Sunblock being applied

The walk today mostly took us through meadows as well as wooded areas.

Oak trees were a constant, so too the granite outcrops as well as marble.

We walked up and down following instructions written for us by ‘On Foot Holidays’.

We were told there would be red and white horizontal painted strips to guide – along with the instructions as well as a GPS guide (we were given instructions to download this before we left). Whilst it didn’t show the terrain it was so good to have this a secondary validation to the written instructions.

We did know we were starting at 900metres and rising to 1050 before walking downhill to 200mtrs.

Whilst this sounds very pleasant it was really tricky doing the downhill walk.

Some of which took us a very steep decline amongst an extremely rocky terrain.

We were driven from Spoleto to our stating point and left to our own devices.

It was all so beautiful area to walk through.

We felt quite privileged to be walking in an area that we in fact met very few people.

There was a German couple doing nearly the same walk except for the fact they were going to the highest points and coming across us occasionally – once to ask if we had lost a pair of sunglasses which Sam had but hadn’t missed!

At this point we were confused by our map, GPS and text guidance so it was very confirming for us to follow their lead.

We met a farmer, a woman foraging for asparagus and that was about it.

Some surprise for me were the lack of ruins along the way. Here we are in a country that has been so significant for thousands of years and the evidence of which can be seen everywhere yet we can walk across country and find very little evidence of any structures.

We fond cattle with bells grazing on the meadows.

Cow with bell. It must have been so annoying for the cow as it rang constantly

We found tadpoles in a small flowing water pass (almost like a puddle).

Because it is the beginnings of spring here we enjoyed lots of wild flowers. Hyacinths, primroses, daisies, cyclamens


We were really exhausted and ready for a hot shower and cold beer when we arrived at our accommodation. (agroturismo) – a modern farm like accommodation place. The beer was old but so was the water in our bathroom. Certainly awakened our senses and helped the good night sleep!!


Welcome beer at the end of the day!

Europe here we come

On Monday 16th April (Tomorrow)we will be heading to the airport to take off for Rome to spend 10 weeks wandering in Europe.
Sam has been preparing our journey in a visual way.

This map is now with Sammy, hanging on his wall, which will allow them to follow us as we move through Europe.

We have worked on some of our trip and will spend about twenty days in Italy before flying to Budapest and then it will be northward bound. It will be interesting to see how far we get. The one certainty is Budapest. And we haven’t visited Vienna or Prague.

We plan to get back to explore Rome for our last 10 days.

Walking in Umbria will certainly be a highlight of the the first few weeks.

Our walk will take us from Spoleto to Momepo

This is the planned walking trip with Robyn, Peter and Alex.