Our building
Outside the Market
Courtyard at the building where we were staying

We loved where we stayed in Budapest.

Staying near to the Music Centre was a real positive. We were also close to the main market which was a good place to begin taking a look at what was to offer food wise in Budapest.

Jazz night at Budapest Music Centre ‘Opus Jazz Club’ Elena Mindru
Fungi display at the market indicating what is edible

Sam took us straight away to a great little coffee shop that was nearby. It was a great coffee as well!

Ordering coffee

We found a bread shop across the road from the apartment. It had delicous bread.  We were all good for a week here!

Ordering a craft beer!

This was an easy walking city. We did catch the famous number 2 tram to take us along the Danube. We had bought a bundle of transport tickets to enable us to get around. Great that they are transferable to trams and trains.

Building art including three ages of housing
Converted combie into food truck
Food truck at the park
Shoes along the Danube representing the people who were drowned in the river
Street Sulpture

We found wandering along the riverside was a very pleasant way to spend an evening and there was heaps of those breweries to try the local beer. Interesting how a trend like this is a world wide phenomena and we could have been in Melbourne or Sydney – even Castlemaine enjoying the local brew.

View across the Danube

We came across a memorial statue of an eagle and the archangel Gabrielle     It would have gone more or less unnoticed except for the barbwire  strung along the balestrade in front as well as significant images and personal belongings like cases and shoes. Bunches of flowers also indicated sadness. It is in fact a memorial erected in 2014 condemning the Germans for the removal of Jews, gypsies and others during the second world war. At the same time freeing Hungary of any involvement.

The memorial that has never been officially opened
Memorabilia and messages left by those opposing the monument because it fails to recognise the involvement of Hungarians in the Holocaust
The barbed wire addition with messages explaining why the people are opposed to the monument

Protestors to this have written that it is a political monument that is attempting to rewrite social history. They say that in fact Hungary was a supporter of the regime and it is the current government’s far right belief that has put it there. The monument hasn’t been ‘Opened yet’!

We chanced upon an exhibition of Hungarian traditional crafts. This was a most amazing collection with great explanations of each of the installations. But that is another post!

Sam drawing the oldest stone carving in its original position. Matthias Church

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  1. You are both looking well and it seems you are enjoying lovely weather – No rain here in Melb either for the next two weeks

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