Europe here we come

On Monday 16th April (Tomorrow)we will be heading to the airport to take off for Rome to spend 10 weeks wandering in Europe.
Sam has been preparing our journey in a visual way.

This map is now with Sammy, hanging on his wall, which will allow them to follow us as we move through Europe.

We have worked on some of our trip and will spend about twenty days in Italy before flying to Budapest and then it will be northward bound. It will be interesting to see how far we get. The one certainty is Budapest. And we haven’t visited Vienna or Prague.

We plan to get back to explore Rome for our last 10 days.

Walking in Umbria will certainly be a highlight of the the first few weeks.

Our walk will take us from Spoleto to Momepo

This is the planned walking trip with Robyn, Peter and Alex.