Packing for Turkey

Undies, socks, shirts, better check the list. Getting organised for our trip to Istanbul this Sunday. Three and a half weeks, including a week of walks, some ballooning over Capadoccia, wandering through Ephesus and back to Istanbul.

Sunday morning in Castlemaine

Molly, our granddog, stayed overnight so it was up early, getting dragged up the hill through Kalimna Park, and back along Castlemaine streets to home, our duty done for the day. After toast, poached eggs from our three Isa Brown chooks, cofffee and reading The Sunday Age we walked down the hill to Farmers’ Market in Victory Gardens. There were heaps of people walking the streets and sitting at tables on the footpaths outside cafes enjoying their coffees, which led me to think back to the early eighties when the streets would be empty of a Sunday morning. Just goes to show what treechangers and tourism can do.

Oslo listening to Robbie Robertson

Arrived in Oslo a few days ago to see Joe and Martine and baby Sofia. Wandered around the city centre and visited museums including Munch. Jeff said it’s surprising how a whole industry can spring from one artist.

At least Munch received recognition in his lifetime unlike Van Gogh.

Vigeland Park was a revelation- a whole park dedicated to the sculptures of Gustavo Vigeland. At the centre is a huge granite tower with over a hundred bodies intertwined. Three stonemasons worked from 1929 – 1943 to complete the sculpture.

At the moment I’m sitting in Joe and Martine’s apartment listening to Robbie Robertson, drinking a White Dog – Norwegian wheat beer.


Saturday morning reading

I’m enjoying the ritual of Saturday morning reading The Weekend Age and The Weekend Australian after breakfast of fresh squeezed juice, orange, grapefruit, apple, Ginger and carrot. Then poached eggs from Pat’s chooks, tomatoes from the garden on toast made with Pat’s bread and coffee from the expresso machine. Pretty lucky man really.

Just reading a review of Colin Thurbon’s latest book: To a Mountain In Tibet. He writes about the journey in the classic form of a double helix: an outer and an inner journey intertwined. Reminds me of Peter Mattieson’s The Snow Leopard. A quote:
‘We are entering the mountain as if following a jagged knife thrust.”

Listening to audio books

Since I have been out of action because of a crook back, I have been spending time on my back listening to audio books.

There are lots of free downloadable books read by volunteers but nothing beats a book read by an actor. It must be the timing, pausing and ability to change voice.

One problem is that I fall asleep and have to find out where it was when sleep overtook me.

Goodfoods Board of Directors lunch

We held the annual ‘goodfoods’ lunch today at 83 Templeton Street, Castlemaine. Joe Langdon flew in from Norway to share Potetlumpe – Med Laks. Basically potato pancakes with smoked salmon. You can see Joey below with his signature dish.