Pat’s operation

This afternoon I’m driving Pat to Melbourne and tomorrow morning we are to be at the Northern Hospital at 7am where she is to have an operation. She has a couple of small lumps on her ovaries. ¬¨‚ĆThings sound pretty good but after having breast cancer you never know what is around the corner. I thought I was pretty relaxed about it all but underneath I think I was more stressed than I let on.

I’m writing this looking out into the garden which at this time of the year (spring in the southern hemisphere) is green with the red,¬¨‚Ć pink and white camellias swaying and parrots nibbling the wisteria flowers. Maybe you can eat wisteria flowers as you can with nasturtiums. I think retirement is looking good.

Delayed Bastille celebration at Smythesdale

Now that we’ve moved into our house¬¨‚Ćrenovated kitchen, bathroom and laundry I need to get more jobs done. Last weekend we drove to Ballarat to enjoy a delayed Bastille Day dinner with Jeff and Anne Langdon, Pat and Pete Cameron,¬¨‚Ć Michel and Beryl Morriset and their friends Arno and Diane(?) senior moment with the memory lapse here. The food wine and talk were plentiful although no plentiful when compared to 30 years ago.

 The next day Peter, Jeff and I  enjoyed cutting down three dead trees with chainsaws. there is something satisfying about sawing up a dead tree for firewood. On the way home pat and I stopped at Creswick factory to buy some alpaca throw-overs -$90 reduced which are $220 in shops. And today Pat drove Danielle over to buy one for herself and another one for a present.