Goodfoods Board of Directors lunch

We held the annual ‘goodfoods’ lunch today at 83 Templeton Street, Castlemaine. Joe Langdon flew in from Norway to share Potetlumpe – Med Laks. Basically potato pancakes with smoked salmon. You can see Joey below with his signature dish.

January 6 is one day short of January 7

Today a message arrived from facebook and I had a look for the first time in months and followed this up with¬¨‚Ćchecking this¬¨‚Ćblog, and it’s nearly one year to the day – Jan 7, 2008 -¬¨‚Ć since I last wrote an entry. Pathetic really or maybe just slack. No New Year resolutions about this.

I spent last summer holidays in New York, Ireland and Australia. This year Castlemaine and Airey’s Inlet, Victoria are where¬¨‚ĆI will be relaxing during the holidays. There is more than relaxing happening in my world as we have cleared out Danielle’s bedroom to paint and to turn into a study. Three days to do this before we leave for Airey’s. We have set up the old study as a bedroom for her to stay in when she returns to enjoy some parental love and food and wine. Besides painting the room, algae is my other pressing concern; the fishpond keeps turning green with algae so now I’m trying to fill the pond with plants to see if this works by cutting down the amount of sunlight received. There are a few other activities that are keeping me busy.

¬¨‚ĆReading is the most enjoyable time spending and relaxing holiday activity for me. I’ve just finished reading The Girl With the Green Dragon Tattoo; am in the middle of Bombs, Books and Compass, and just begun an Inspector Banks novel.

Pat’s operation

This afternoon I’m driving Pat to Melbourne and tomorrow morning we are to be at the Northern Hospital at 7am where she is to have an operation. She has a couple of small lumps on her ovaries. ¬¨‚ĆThings sound pretty good but after having breast cancer you never know what is around the corner. I thought I was pretty relaxed about it all but underneath I think I was more stressed than I let on.

I’m writing this looking out into the garden which at this time of the year (spring in the southern hemisphere) is green with the red,¬¨‚Ć pink and white camellias swaying and parrots nibbling the wisteria flowers. Maybe you can eat wisteria flowers as you can with nasturtiums. I think retirement is looking good.

Joey Langdon’s farewell in Castlemaine


Joe Langdon is leaving for Norway to spend time with his love Martine and as a farewell brother Rory organised a lunch at our house. About twenty two people brought food and wine to share in our new living area. Rory’s idea was for everyone to bring tapas. Molly and Jake, Labrador and Border collie, got on very well. Bec and Rory brought along a surrogate daughter Annabel, who¬¨‚Ćcharmed everybody, and¬¨‚Ćhad a couple of young women increase their cluckyness.

Tracy and Zack arrived late after working in the guildford pub until 3pm, and according to Tracy, “It was a little late for us, everyone started to leadve after an hour and there was no food left.”