Fittee not Footdee village


Steve Tobias and I strolled along the beach in Aberdeen and came upon a wee village which the locals call Fittee but is supposedly Footdee. Small houses, clean neat lanes and potted plants snuggled beside the docks. I saw a man gardening and asked him about the village. Apparently the village was demolished and moved when the docks were expanded during the 1800’s. fittee was not desireable until an artist moved in and gradually others discovered the place.

¬¨‚ĆA quiet little area. John (I’ll give him a pseudonym) said that there is a great little community there which can result in him dropping in to see a neighbour and staggering home a few hours later.

If you look at the photo you can see where the original building is and the stones built on top to extend it and make a two story house.