A Grand New Year’s Eve in Ennis


Our Irish-American friends, Angela and Gerry, invited us to spend the night at the Grand Hotel in Ennis with some of Gerry’s relatives and partners. As we entered the room a complementary glass of champagne was handed out. A few in the group don’t like champagne so Pat ended up with four glass lined up in front of her. Did she drink all?


After the champagne it was down to the business of eating, talking and drinking. Then out came the band. I expected traditional Irish music and instead it was ‘The Ring of Fire’ and “love¬¨‚ĆMe Do’ the three piece group played. However at midnight they¬¨‚Ćlaunched into¬¨‚Ćthe Seige of Ennis which we remembered from Irish balls in Melbourne in the early 1970’s. One young girl asked what you do and the fiddle player replied, “When¬¨‚ĆI say ‘go’, just go.” There should have¬¨‚Ć been more of the traditional dances.

I was into the swing of things when one of the young blokes dancing waved me into his group and off we went. Three brothers from Kildare and their girlfriends were enjoying the night in Ennis.

Kids from Kildare

Michelle, Lee, Anthony, Angela, Nora with Rob in front.