Wine and scramble eggs at Tylden

Out of bed at the Sunday sleep-in time of 7am this morning, stuck an orange, a grapefruit, a carrot, an apple and a chunk of ginger in the juicer, poured the liquid into a jar, loaded a carton of red wine in the car and Pat and I took off for Ken and Lorna Mansbridge’s for a late breakfast.

The dam at their farm if overflowing with the excess running into a creek. As we drove around the dam ducks paddled away from a swan gracefully cruising across the surface. the last time we visited the dam was about a quarter full.

We were delivering the wine to Ken as a thankyou for the planks of Blackwood who gave us to make a dining table. The temperature at Tylden was 7C and as usual wind whooshing. Do we have a wind chill factor as they do in New York?