Ferentillo to Labro

Day two of walking

Streets of Labro
The cyprus tree so typical of the area

Ferentillo to Labro

18 kms

Again we enjoyed spectacular weather. It is so good that it hasn’t rained.

When we read the forecast earlier, rain was predicted but luck was with us and not the locals who desperately need the rain.

We haven’t experienced temperatures above 28º so far and although it is tough when walking uphill in the full sun, there are enough spots to get to in the shade. Then there are the oak forests where the leaves are just beginning to unfold.

At the beginning of the walk, Alex, Sam and I took the chance to visit the Mummy Museum in Ferentillo

An intriguing place.

The bodies in here were preserved through the special conditions that they lay in. It was thought that the mummifying occurred naturally because of the conditions. It was suggested that it was a fungi in the ground.

In the 50’s the scientists in the area experimented by reconstructing the conditions and used an eagle to observe.

That eagle has been mummified.

We couldn’t find any evidence of the practice continuing and we were unable to take any photos!

What was intriguing was a Chinese couple who were visitors to the area in the 1850s and died of Cholera.

From there we were guided through winding paths following the contours up and down. We passed through a town, along a gorgeous river where rafting is a really popular pastime.

The colour of the water was an emerald green. Quite beautiful. We loved seeing the red poppies on ANZAC day spread through the fields as we walked.

We had some really hard sections to walk through. Mostly the harsh uphill stretches of really steep and rocky surfaces. As well as some down hill horrors!

It was interesting to get up close to agricultural activities such as how the grapevines were pruned and tied.

We ate our baguette beside an olive grove with what looked like ground cover of queen anne lace.

It was quite tricky to rise again and walk as our legs are beginning to tighten.

The instructions we follow are quite clear but we lose time when we need discussion to locate a sign or path.

It helped to have a GPS system on the phone to match the path we are taking (as well as ‘maps me’ – a really good app. to have to locate oneself anywhere in the world offline that is if you have downloaded the maps when on line) How did we ever do it before this. I remember when Sam and I were in Wales walking in 2000. We came across a couple with a GPS system. We thought they were cheating!! – not so now!!

Towards the end of our walk we passed through canola crops and a much easier down hill walk to a huge lake.

We stayed in 10th century restored villa in the hill top village of Labro. Labro is considered one of the most intact Medieval villages left. It has been restored under the guidance of a Belgium architect. The parents of the current owner were also Belgium, saw an article in an architectural magazine and decided to buy into the project along with many other Belgiums.

There have been some constants for us on the walk. The strongest are the sighting of the Apenine Mountains. Still with snow on the highest peaks they have been visible on the horizon when we look back after each tough climb.

Another is the cyclamen flowers often as a carpet in the forests – such glorious cover.

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  1. Great to read day 2 Pat, and such lovely photos..
    You and Sam are Soo fit!!
    What an experience:)

  2. Fields of cyclamens – how beautiful!
    Great photos too. I can hear your joy in the scenery, and feel the physical challenge as you walk – Pat your ‘voice’ is strong.

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