Grecco to Casperia

Ready to go – See that hill. Its all up from here!

Day Four of walking Grecco to Casperia

19 km 7 hours –

Weather – fine-

“Tough Climb at the start but easier after”!!!

I looked out the window and saw the tough part. It was straight up!!

The first hour (this usually means two for us) in full sun.

Heading up. The climb begins

The first climb was from 700 metres to 1110 metres.

This is where we are headed for

When we first read this we also read that if we wanted we could avoid the first half of the walk by getting a lift then walking the second part. Alex suggested that the first half looked the most interesting. We could get a lift at that later spot to get to Casperia.

We agreed that we would do this and we did!


Opening one of the ‘gates’ on the path
We thought we were getting near to the top. There have been the water troughs like this throughout the walk

The poles helped and the fact that we had been walking for three days REALLY helped.

I was surprised that as we got moving we were really much stronger than we thought.

Onward and upward – a stony climb

I am glad that I was not carrying my overnight needs, and I was really happy with the way I had looked after my feet.

You hear of people with all sorts of issues with blisters and trouble spots but we were fine thanks to ‘compede’ and these lovely gel tubes that slipped onto the toes to provide the comfort of ‘slippers’ for the toes as we walked.

Looking down on Sam as he brings up the rear
Across a meadow before climbing again

This day provided the most wonderful of views across the hills as well as the forest walks. Just so beautiful and quite breathtaking at times with just how special this part of the world is. Again, we were heading for a hill top town.

At one point we were wandering through what was very much like an English country scene, an oak forest, then there was more steep climbing before we came to the most amazing part of this day.

Through the oak forest coming into bud

We came over the horizon to see this fantastic sight. Communal grazing for sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and horses There were no fences. The animals were all co-habitating the area. The sheep were being looked after by maremma dogs. There were two flocks that we could see. One lot had white dogs the second had black and white ones. This is the original area for these dogs. (Maremmano, is a breed of livestock guardian dog indigenous to central Italy, particularly to Abruzzo and the Maremma region of Tuscany and Lazio. It has been used for centuries by Italian shepherds to guard sheep from wolves. The literal English translation of the name is “The dog of the shepherds of the Maremma and Abruzzese region”.

From Wikipedia)

The communal pasture

There were the remnants of a few houses here – in the notes they were talked of as shepherds houses

Shepherd’ hut

The lead cow had a bell on.

abandoned shepherd huts

We all commented on the bucolic nature of the area.

A maremma dog on guard

As we wandered through we decided we had to stay longer to watch how it worked. We sat awhile enjoying this special moment (or hour)


We felt so privileged to be part of this scene.


Reluctantly we moved on. Through gentle woodland and down to a stream. However here we came to our first issue of erosion. The bank of the river had broken away and we had to get around it somehow!

Just before the eroded area. This is probably the reason.

We couldn’t go up – too steep – We couldn’t go down – the same issue. So we clambered across one at a time clinging on to the roots that were exposed. So exciting to make the other side. All in the day’s adventures!

Eroded path
Looking across to Contanello

The walk flattened out after this and we arrived at the town of Contanello.

Paused for a draw
The Eremo of San Cataldo A shrine dedicated to Saint Cataldo and was probably used as a hermitage by Benedictine monks.

Here we enjoyed a beer, called for a ride to Casperia where we were to stay the night and then have the whole next day off. We are on holidays. We deserved the ride.

We wait for a car to pick us up
Path in Casperia
Our place in Casperia. The green shutters

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  1. So generous to share so much! I love “walking” with you!!
    Your observations and photos are very special! XX

  2. I’m really enjoying following along in your footsteps – looks like a wonderful place to walk. May have to add it to my bucket list …

  3. Great record of a fantastic day’s walking. Good to look back now that ordinary life has caught up with me.
    Love to you both

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